It is a very nice project! Thanks to the fund rose during the 2011 Green Campaign, Cœur de Forêt and the Quiksilver Foundation were able to renew their partnership in order to complete the Water Guardians project successfully. This project will benefit to the people of Anambe (Senegal) and to 9 other villages.

In 2011 the objective was clearly to strengthen the operation set up by Coeur de Forêt in order to reach the aim of a sustainable and virtuous economic model respecting people and nature. Here is a summary of the main actions that took place in 2011 and during the beginning of year 2012.

Creation of the Quiksilver Foundation forest:

8 000 fruit trees have been or will be planted in total. 3 500 trees have been planted in 2011; most of them were fruit trees (lemon tree, orange tree, mango tree, etc.)
At the moment 10 000 trees are getting ready in the nursery and are cultivated by a local team. 20 000 are being produced in order to complete the 2012 planting season goal.

The beginning of year 2012 has been marked by the visit of our ambassadors Stéphanie Gilmore, Tom Frager and Alain Riou to the Anambe village. Therefore they were able to see by themselves the evolution of the project and to participate to some of the village activities. This journey was punctuated by a trip to Anambe local hospital and so our ambassadors decided to make their next project to be the rejuvenation of the hospital. In order to finance the project Tom Frager will compose a song and will be joined by other members of the Quiksilver team. The song will be released and sold online.

All benefits from the song will go to this project, which will strengthen the following Water Guardians action plan for year 2012...read more