This is absolute awesome!! Dating back to December, 2011, Björn Holm has been hard at work collecting broken skateboards from friends, relatives, and fellow skaters in his community. His mission: a daunting DIY project of building a 6'4" fish made exclusively from old skateboards. This is not something you'd expect from a former professional motocross rider from Finland. But with studies in furniture design and an interest in board building, he utilized these skills to piece together a 20 pound, hollow surfboard out of material (skateboards) that essentially have no straight lines. The result: a colorful, 100% recycled surfboard. Enjoy Björn's story...

NOTE: After this video was created Bjorn has tested the board, and he reports that its working great!

"The board is stable, easy to paddle and catch waves with. And it is such an amazing thing to ride something that you have made yourself. There really is something special about it, all the hardwork put down finally pays off."

Check out more photos from this project at korduroy.tv/blog/2012/more-on-reto

Board Builder:
Björn Holm

Patricia Wiklund



Love the they way they combine nice fashion shoots with art, like here in the June issue of Belgian Elle. Where talented graffiti artis from UK Kid Acne make the illustrations.

Model: Robin Hölzken
Photographer: Hicham Riad
Graffiti artist: Kid Acne
Stylist: Anne Rabeux
Hair and makeup: Vasko Todorof gives Robin equally easy and fresh sun-kissed hair and make-up.

via: fgr


SNEEZE MAGAZINE is out now and their mission is to expand the street inspired culture of skateboarding to unexpected references, places and images, thereby presenting to our readers an authentic guide and resource for life today.

Over magazines. No binding? Who cares. Newspapers are on the streets, you skate on the streets, we are physically on the street — one city street at a time.

You cant subscribe here in Europe though, hope that option will arrive soon.